Gold-Dipped Amethyst and Pearl Necklace

$ 79.99

We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this raw amethyst necklace dipped in 24K gold... the pictures don't do it justice!

The antique colored pearls are made of glass while the small purple beads in-between are a polished stone. The pendant is a raw amethyst geode dipped in 24K gold. The wire is a 24 gauge German-style wire.

This necklace measures " in length from the bottom of the Amethyst pendant to the end of the toggle clasp (The Amethyst pendant has a substantial weight).

Each link was carefully hand-wrapped to give it a unique look and quality feel (VERY time-consuming process, but worth it for the finished product). If you wish to have this necklace made in a different color or specifically customized, please message us.

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